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Lily and Rufus- Breakdown
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Lily and Rufus- Breakdown


An hour had past and Alison was now receiving full contractions. She grabbed on to the edges of the bed sheets trying to relieve the pain. Her hair was matted against her face and her nightgown was now soaked. “Will…” she moaned.

“I know…I know,” she he pushed her hair back. “What do you need?”

“Ice…” she swallowed. “I need something cold to put in my mouth. It’s….it’s all gone.”

“Okay,” he nodded getting up. “I’ll be right back. Okay?” he grabbed the ice bucket. “Just give me one minute.”

She moaned, “Hurry.”

Will quickly dashed out of the room and took the stairs two at a time. He was just about in the kitchen when something in the sitting room caught the corner of his eye. He stopped and turned around. “Lily?”

“I’m not talking to you.”

“What are you doing here? I thought you left.”

“I can’t quite do that without a fucking car!” she crossed her arms over her chest. “They never came.”

“So you came back in,” he was surprised.

“What!” she snapped. “You want me to freeze out there? I’ll be gone soon as they clear the roads.”

“That’s not what I meant,” he sighed, walking into the kitchen and quickly filling the bucket up with ice chips.

“Will!” he heard a blood-curdling scream.

“God, she’s demanding,” Lily rolled her eyes.

“She’s in labor!” Will snapped, not bothering with her as he ran back up the stairs.

“Honey, what is it?” he rushed into the room setting the bucket on the bed.

“She’s coming! I…I can’t feel it!” she cried out in pain. “I feel like I’m splitting apart!”

Will quickly pushed her slip up and noticed right away the head was crowning. “You’re right,” he looked up at her. “I can see the head.”

“Get her out! Get her out!” she cried. “I can’t do this anymore!”

“Yes, you can,” he coached. “You can. Just give me some good pushes and she’ll be out soon okay? You’re doing it,” he propped her leg up. “Now I want you to take a deep breath and then we’re going to push for about six seconds okay?”

She nodded closing her eyes and trying to gather up as much strength as she could muster. She took a few deep breaths before she bore down as hard as she could.

“Good….good,” Will smiled. “’You’re doing good,” he watched as the head slowly started to appear more. “A little bit more…”

“Arrggg!” she grunted in pain. “WILL!”

“Okay….okay stop,” he placed his hand on the top of her abdomen. “Rest for a minute.”

She tried to catch her breath, hoping in vain that it was almost over, she didn’t know how much more of it she could take. The pain was nothing like the first two times. She didn’t know if it was because she was older, or if she didn’t have the drugs, or if she just plain forgot.

“Are we ready again?” Will asked softly. “I’d say about four good pushes and she’s out.”

Alison swallowed hard, “Alright,” she closed her eyes. Again she pushed with all her might.

“One…two…” Will counted as the head slowly came out. “Oh, Al, she has dark hair!’ he bit his lip looking at her.

“What…” her eyes were glassy.

“So much for her having your blonde hair,” he laughed. “Keep pushing, just a few more seconds…”

“Mmmm!” she gritted through her teeth. Keeping her eyes squeezed shut she continued to push; her chin touching her chest.

“Okay…okay stop,” Will watched as her left shoulder came out. “She’s almost out honey. I need you to lie back a bit okay?”

“My…my stomach is…it’s tight,” she panted. “It hurts to lie back.”

He kept one hand on the baby the other on her knee. “Al you’re at an obtrusive angle. You need to lie back or you’re going to tear as she comes out.” He looked down as the baby started to turn. “Al push!”

She quickly laid back and pushed as hard as she could. “Ahhhh!” She screamed out in pain as she felt the baby’s shoulder push out. “Oh my God….” she whined.

Will caught his daughter as she quickly slipped out after her shoulder was free. He noticed she did a slight ninety degree turn and by the gravity of Alison’s yell he knew it must have hurt her greatly. “She’s out…” Will quickly looked her over. “You’re done, sweetheart. You’re done. It’s over. She’s out.”

“How…how is she…” she asked softy the room starting to turn hazy.

Will quickly suctioned out her nose and mouth, counted her fingers and toes and checked her eyes. “Beautiful,” he couldn’t take her eyes off of her. “Perfect….”


He looked up and picked up a towel and wrapped her in it. “Al?” he moved to the side of the bed. “You want to hold her?” He quickly looked back at her and noticed her eyes were closed. “Al?”

He saw that she didn’t move. “Al!” He sat the baby on the side of the bed. Looking down he quickly noticed that the sheets started to turn crimson beneath her. “Alison!” he pushed her legs up. “No!”

Will quickly grabbed all the towels from the chair and placed them beneath her. “Lily!” he screamed out. “Lily!” He tried to discern where the bleeding was coming from and he quickly saw that she was torn greatly from where the baby’s shoulder came through. “Lily!”

“What!” she stood in the doorway not moving.

“Get me some ice, hurry!” he didn’t look at her.

“Excuse me!” she was incredulous. “What do I look like your fucking ma…”

“She’s hemorrhaging!” he turned to look at her, fear in his eyes. “Lily….”

Lily looked at Will and never in her life had she seen such fear in anyone’s eyes. She quickly cast a glace at Alison and noticed she was passed out.

“Lily please,” his voice shook.

She bit her lip and quickly went downstairs and filled a bowl up with ice and grabbed a few extra towels from the drawer. Her hands shook a bit as she tried to push the anxiety out of her mind. Sure, she hated Alison, but she didn’t want her to die. Especially not after delivering her baby. “Damn it,” she cursed to herself as she made her way back up the steps and into the room.

“Give it to me,” Will quickly said as he wrapped up the ice.

Lily watched as he frantically worked on her. He noticed how his hands shook and beads of sweat started to appear on his forehead. The baby was crying desperately on the bed next to him. She looked back and forth between them not knowing what to do. “Do…do you want me to take her?”

“Damn it!” Will said a loud. He wiped his forehead, smearing a bit of blood across it. “Take her please! I can’t concentrate,” he said breathlessly. “Call the hospital. Tell them to send a chopper or something. They can land behind the house.”

Lily picked up the baby and quickly carried her into the next room. She sat her on the bed and picked up the phone and dialed the hospital. She told them who she was and that they need medical help immediately. Setting the phone back on the receiver she looked down at the baby who was whimpering softly on the bed. She was still covered in a bit a blood and fluid.

“Shhh….” She picked her up and carried her into the bathroom. Lily uncovered her and the first thing she noticed was the dark crop of hair. “Oh my,” she laughed. “You have your daddy’s hair. She turned the water on from the sink waiting for it to get warm. She looked back down to the baby and noticed how she moved her tiny arms in protest. She was so tiny…so small, and that dark hair it reminded her of Eric. She cupped her hand under the faucet and gently started to clean her little arms and legs.

The baby stopped crying once she felt the warm water touch her skin. “Do you like that?” Lily asked. She moved some clean towels over and laid her on top of them as she finished cleaning her off. As if in a trance the baby kept her eyes on Lily, and every so often kicked her little feet. After Lily finished washing her hair she wrapped her back up in the towel and wandered down the hall until she saw the nursery.

Stopping in the doorway she looked around. Everything was baby pink and light purple. It all looked new and shiny and it was all just waiting for a baby. Even a mural was pained on the wall above the crib, no doubt done by Alison. Biting her lip Lily tried to calm her feelings, which were a mixture of anger, sadness and most of all jealousy. “Come on lets find you a diaper,” she slowly walked into the room and to the changing table. She found small diapers as well as wipes and baby powder. Her hands shook a little as she was putting the diaper on her. Everything was eerie and too quiet for her liking. Even the baby wasn’t making any noise. Picking her up she walked over to the closet and picked out the first pair of pajamas she could find and put them on her.

Pacing back and forth she finally sat down in the rocking chair by the window. She didn’t want to go look in the other room, scared at what she might find. So she just looked out the window down to the back yard hoping help would come soon.


Will had finally stopped Alison’s bleeding, but he was terrified by how much she actually lost. Her skin was white and clammy and he didn’t think he’d ever seen her so white. She moaned a bit in her sleep and he kept a constant look at the clock. Where was the damn chopper?

He noticed that her lips began to quiver and he was afraid she might go into shock if she woke up. He moved up the bed and sat next to her. Taking her hand he kissed it. “You’re going to be okay,” his voice shook. “You just have to be strong now. Our baby needs you….I need you.” He felt the tears leave his eyes and they were half way down his face before he even thought about brushing them away. “Please Al,” he choked out between sobs. “Don’t leave me alone with her….I don’t know what to do. I wouldn’t be able to….” He swallowed. “And Dan and Jennifer they need you too. So many people…..”

Lily silently walked into the room and saw Will crying. She clutched the baby tighter. “Is she…”

“Unconscious,” he said without turning.

“The paramedics are here,” she told him.

Will breathed a sigh of relief. “You hear that sweetie? You’re going to be all right. Help is here. We’re going to get you to the hospital.

Lily swallowed hard listening to him talk to her and the term of endearments he used. He didn’t even turn around to look at her, his eyes on Alison the entire time. She turned around when she heard talking in the hall. “In here,” she said quietly.

Two paramedics and a nurse quickly walked into the room and right to the bed. Will dropped her hand and turned to them. “She’s lost a high amount of blood. She’s B neg so make sure the hospital has that on hold when he get there,” he spoke quickly. “We need oxygen and a slow adenosine drip.”

The medics nodded, taking his orders knowing that he was a doctor. “How long ago did she deliver?” A medic asked as he checked her vitals.

“Nineteen- twenty minutes ago,” he looked at the clock. “She started to hemorrhage after she was born. Alison’s allergic to penicillin and was on blood thinners for while last year,” he started to ramble off anything he could think of as they checked her over.

“Where’s the baby?” the nursed ask.

Will looked dumbfound for a moment, almost completely forgetting that there was a baby. “She…”

“Right here,” Lily said softly handing her to the nurse.

Will looked between his daughter and Alison not knowing where he should focus his attention. The medics placed a flatboard under Alison and lifted her onto the gurney and just when they were about to buckle her in, her eyes started to flutter open. Will noticed immediately and was at her side in a second. “Al?”

“Mm…” she moaned in pain.

“Al….you’re going to be alright. We’re going to the hospital.

She tried to move the oxygen mask off her face. “Will…”

“No…no,” he placed his hand over hers. “Keep it on. You need it,” he smiled softly.

She tried to stay conscious, but everything seemed so far away to her. “Baby….” She said barely above a whisper.

Will cast a glance at the nurse who smiled and nodded. “She’s fine,” he smiled and brushed back her hair. “She’s just fine.”

“Baby….” She sighed as she fell back into unconscious.

“Dr. van der Woodsen we need to go,” one of the medics said to him. “You can ride in the chopper if you’d like.”

“Yes…okay,” he turned to the nurse. “Is…is she okay?”

“From what I can see,” she nodded. “Reflexes are good, responsive to light and sound. I’ll have to give her a full checkup at the hospital, but all looks good now.”

As Will was following them down the hall he noticed Lily standing by the back door. He stopped and looked at her. “Thank you,” he said sincerely. “Thank you for watching her.”

Lily nodded and handed him his coat. “You better go.”

“Thanks,” he nodded, and without a second look dashed outside and ran into the backyard and into the waiting helicopter.


Lily was looking out the window of Will’s bedroom as the helicopter took off. She could barely see it in all the snow. Sighing she turned and looked around the room. Besides the thrown sheets and medical instruments, everything looked the same. She walked passed the bed and noticed a picture of Will and Alison on the nightstand. His arms were around her from behind and his head was resting on her shoulder. Swallowing hard she walked into the closet. All of Will’s clothes were on one side and Alison’s on the other. They were sharing a bedroom. She didn’t know why that surprised her, it just seemed so close…so final.

Turning to Alison’s side of the closet it was full of shirts, and pants and dresses. Expensive shoes and purses lined one side. It wasn’t the fact that Lily knew Alison probably loved everything she was now getting, but that Will was buying them for her. He was buying things for Alison and not her.

Walking into the back of the closet Lily noticed a tux and a beautiful Chanel dress hanging in the doorway. Jewelry and shoes were on a small table next to it. She touched the silky dress noticing it was just released in the new spring line off the runway. Two diamond bracelets were sitting on the table next to it. Lily realized she was probably choosing between the two and they must be going to a special event together. Growing disgusted she couldn’t think about it any longer. Alison was living her life and there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Gone were all Lily’s mixed emotions about Alison and the baby.

“Damn her!” Lily slammed the closet door shut. “It’s not fair!”

She couldn’t take it anymore and went downstairs into the kitchen where she got her phone from her purse and called the car service again. She offered the driver twice the amount to come and get her and that she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Leaning against the counter she tried to quell her nerves. She went over to the liquor cabinet and made herself a drink. She paced the kitchen back and forth keeping an eye on the driveway.

She couldn’t help but notice Alison’s prenatal vitamins on the counter and the little notes they wrote to each other on the fridge. It made her sick. “Eat healthy things today…” she rolled her eyes. Get fat, she thought to herself.

As she looked around the house she wondered if it was going to be the last time she would ever see it. If it would be the last time she ever saw Will. It all started to hit her at once, not only didn’t she have Will. She didn’t have Rufus either. How did this become her life…again? How did she lose both of the men she loved to the same woman? It didn’t quite seem fair. But, then again she didn’t have anyone to blame but herself. These were the choices she had made. She had to live with it.

A car pulled in front of the gate and laid on its horn. Taking a deep breath Lily gave one last glace around the house and then opened the front door and left. Not looking back once she got into the car and took off slowly down the road.


Will sat in a chair by the window slowly rocking his daughter back and forth. It was now the middle of the night. Alison had been in minor surgery and given blood to replenish what she had lost. It was touch and go with her for a few moments and he had never been more afraid in his life. She wasn’t quite out of the woods yet, and had to spend at least a week in the hospital, but she should make a full recovery. Now, he was just waiting for her to awaken.

Looking down at his daughter he noticed that she was now awake. She seemed very alert and moved her little hands up and down. Smiling he placed his index finger on her palm and he watched how she clasped it. “Hi…” he smiled. “I’m…your dad,” he said which sounded completely strange and foreign to him. He held her up a bit, “And this is your mommy. She’s being a sleepy head right now,” he laughed. “She went thought a lot to have you. So you better be a good baby when she wakes up okay?” He brushed his lips to her forehead. “She loves you very much….and so do I.”

Alison could hear a light whisper in the distance. Turning her head to the side her eyes slowly opened. She blinked a few times, the room light low and everything a bit blurry. She swallowed, her mouth dry and cracked. Hearing a soft cry in the distance she could finally make out Will sitting in a chair by the window. A pink bundle in his arms. Licking her lips she spoke softly, “Will…”

Will looked up immediately after hearing her voice. “Alison?” he got up and walked over to the bed.

“Water,” she said hoarsely.

Will quickly set the baby in the bassinet next to the bed and poured her a glass of water. “Here,” he brought it to her lips. “Let me help you.” Will placed his hand under her head and slowly lifted upward so she could drink. “Not too much,” he cautioned.

Alison drank slowly and then rested back into the pillows closing her eyes. Will thought she had fallen back to sleep and placed the cup next to her bed. He was about to sit down next to her when she opened her eyes again.

“Baby…” she said in the same weak voice as before.

“Oh,” he grinned and picked up their daughter. Bringing her back to the bed he sat down next to her. “Say hi mamma.”

As soon as Alison saw her baby a beautiful smile lit her face. “Tiny…”

“Very tiny,” he agreed.

Alison lifted her arm up. “Hold?”

“Here, just relax.” He undid the baby’s blanket and stripped her down to just her onesie. He pulled Alison’s covers back just a bit then placed the baby on Alison’s chest, her tiny head resting on her shoulder so she could see her.

Alison closed her eyes and breathed in her baby soft scent. She lifted her arm again and placed it on the baby’s back. She then turned to look at her. She drank in her tiny features. “She’s beautiful,” she didn’t take her eyes off of her.

“Just like her mamma,” Will smiled.

Alison touched her nose against her baby’s. “Hi baby. It’s me. Your…mommy,” a tiny tear slipped from her eyes. “Happy Birthday.”

Will couldn’t help but let a few tears slip from his own eyes. Just hours ago he was so afraid that he would never get to witness this moment. And now that it was finally happening he couldn’t help but thank God.

Grabbing his phone from his pocket he took a few pictures of Alison looking directly at their baby. Then she turned her head and looked at him and smiled, and if he didn’t know any better he’d say the baby smiled too. He quickly snapped that picture and saved it as his wallpaper for his phone.


“Mmm….” He looked up.

“Will you text that picture to my children. Tell them I had the baby?”

“Of course,” he smiled then sat down next to her. “But…”


“I think she needs a name,” he kissed Alison’s temple. “Have you come up with anything?”

She sighed.

Will spoke up. “I kind of had a name in mind. Something I liked,” he looked at him.

Alison met his eyes. “What is it?”

“Eva,” he smiled and looked at the baby. “It was my grandmothers. I always thought it was pretty.”

“Eva,” Alison said aloud for the first time. “You want to be a Eva? Mmm?” Alison kissed her head.

“Do you like it?” Will asked.

“I love it,” she closed her eyes for a moment. “Eva van der Woodsen.”

“Eva van der Woodsen,” he said proudly. Pulling his phone back out he texted Dan and Jenny the picture and told them their mother and baby were doing fine. He sighed a breath of relief and put his arm around them.

“Mmm…you were right,” she yawned.

“About?” he looked at her.

“You promised me I would be holding her,” she rested her head on Wills’ chest. “And that you would be holding me.”

He turned and kissed Alison. “Forever.”


“Can you pass the salad?” Rufus asked solemnly.

Jenny looked at her brother then to her father before passing the salad. It had been a whirlwind of a week for the family. Her father and Lily had been fighting for a solid week and just yesterday morning they had woken up to find her gone. A letter on the counter top telling Rufus that she was leaving. It didn’t come as that big of a surprise to her but none the less her father was hurting.

“Hey dad,” Jenny spoke up.

Rufus was staring off into space and didn’t hear his daughter talking. He had gotten good at zoning everything out for the past few days.

“Dad,” Jenny said again.

“Mmm…what?” he looked up.

“Are we still going to the U2 concert tomorrow night? I know you were looking forward to it.”

“I don’t think so,” he picked at his salad.

Suddenly both Jenny and Dan’s phone went off. Rufus gave them a look. “You know how I feel about phones at the dinner table.

Jenny and Dan looked at their phones seeing the picture then looked at each other. Neither of them knowing what to say.

Rufus looked at both of them and noticed their odd expression. “What?” he eyed them.

“Mmm….” Dan cleared his throat. “M-mom had the baby.”

“She did,” he tried to smile.

“Yeah,” Jenny smiled looking at the picture.

“Can…can I see?” Rufus held his hand out.

Jenny handed her father the phone then looked at her brother. Afraid of how it might make her father feel.

Rufus studied the picture for a long moment. “Your mom looks happy,” he sighed. “You guys want to go see the baby? I could take you if you want.”

“Mmm…” Jenny bit her lip and looked at Dan.

“What is it with you two tonight?” he sat back. “I’m not going to break you know. It’s not like this hasn’t happened to me before you know. I’m fine.”

Dan sat his napkin down. “Mom went to Paris last month. She wanted to tell Mr. van der Woodsen about the baby,” he swallowed. “She’s been there ever since.”

“So that’s why she’s been so quiet lately,” he shook his head. “Why didn’t you two tell me?”

“Mom asked us not to,” Jenny said. “She knew that you and Lily were already having problems. She didn’t want to add to it. And she didn’t know what was going to happen. “

He shook his head then it came to him. “Oh shit…”

“What?” Dan asked.

“I bet you anything Lily took off to Paris,” he sat his fork down. Well she’s in for a surprise.”

“I don’t think a very good one,” Jenny whispered.

“What?” Rufus’s brow furled. “What do you mean?”

“Well if Lily was going to Paris to try and get Mr. van der Woodsen back I don’t think it’s going to work. I mean…” she sighed. “Mom told me they’re together now.”

Rufus stared blankly at his daughter for a moment trying to take everything in. “She’s going to stay in Paris?” he was surprised.

“Just for a little while,” she bit her lip. “They’re going to live in Hudson….at the boathouse.”

“Oh,” he went into his staring mode again. Well I’m happy for your mom. She deserves it. She’s had a hard year.”

“So have you,” Jenny put her hand on top of her dads.

Rufus looked at his children. “I think we all have. And you know what…I think…I think it’s time for the Humphrey’s to take a little vacation. What do you say?”

Dan looked at his sister then his father. “I think that’s a good idea. Where you thinking?”

He thought for a moment when it came to him. “How about Ocean City?”

Dan and Jenny started laughing. “Dad I haven’t been there since I was like nine,” Jenny rolled her eyes.

“And If I remember correctly you loved it,” he smiled for the first time in a week. “A lot.”

Dan kicked Jenny under the table. “I think it’s a good idea. I could go for some lobster,” he patted his stomach.

“Lobster for everyone” he nodded. No reason for the Humphrey’s to be on a budget this time. Especially not when we have the black card.”

Dan and Jenny looked at one another and grinned. “Dad…” they said in unison.

“Go get packed,” he laughed. “It’s about time I start spending some of her money. “


Six months later

Will was sitting on a bench in Central Park. Eva was in her stroller in front of him. They had been living in Hudson for about two months now and he had to say he loved every minute of it. Watching his daughter grow and change almost daily amazed him and he just couldn’t get enough of her. They had ventured into the city because Alison had a big gallery opening that night and had to get ready. That was another thing that he loved. How his relationship with Alison had changed. It pretty much happened the minute his daughter was born. It was just this overwhelming love that he had for the both of them. And he knew it was something that he would never let go of again.

So that’s why tonight was the night. He clasped the tiny black box in his hand. He was going to ask Alison to marry him. He was going to make it official. “So Eva,” he opened the box. “Do you think mommy will like it?” he showed her.

Eva started to gurgle and bite her tiny fist. “You think?” he laughed. “I think she will too.”

Lily just had lunch with a friend and decided take a short cut and walk through Central Park. This was one of the first days she had actually been in New York. After coming home from Paris, she found Rufus and the children had moved out of the penthouse and were living back in the loft.

It took her a long time to accept her life and there were still many aspects that were hard to grasp. She knew without a doubt this was her hardest divorce. She was half way through the park when she thought she saw someone who looked just like Will. He was sitting on the bench looking up at the sky, a nervous look on his face. As she got closer she realized that it was Will. And now he was looking right at her.

As much as she didn’t want to she started to walk towards him, as if magnetized. She couldn’t quite read his face.

“Hi,” he said softly.

“Hi…” she clutched her purse tight to herself.

“You never called me,” he looked at her.

“Excuse me?”

“So I would know if you got back to New York safely,” he sighed. “I was hoping you would have.”

“I forgot,” she bit her lip and tried her hardest not to look in the stroller.

“Oh,” he shifted his weight. “Well, how are you doing?”

“Fine,” she sighed. “I was just out to lunch with some of the girls from the Garden Club.”

“Well that’s nice,” he turned his attention to Elizabeth who started to giggle.

Lily looked around the park for a moment then turned her attention back to Will. “So are you here alone?”

“Just Eva and I,” he picked up her tiny bear and gave it to her.

“Eva,” Lily said quietly. “After….”

“My grandmother,” he looked up at her and nodded. “Yes.”

Curiosity got the better of Lily and she rounded the stroller and looked inside. Eva was laying back and looking at her teddy bear. Her hair was longer and being held back by a big pink bow. She was wearing a matching dress and shoes. “She….looks like you.”

“That’s what everyone says,” he smiled.

“So where’s Alison?” she looked around before sitting down next to him.

Will looked at Lily surprised that she sat down. Looking at her for a moment he could tell that she hadn’t been sleeping well, nor caring for herself in the manner that she usually did. “Al…she’s down on 7th and 23rd. She has a gallery opening tonight. We’re on our way there soon. Just getting some fresh air.”

Taking a deep breath Lily tried to get ahold of her emotions. She just had to ask him one last time. She just had to know. “Will are you…” she moved a bit closer. “Happy?”

He sighed, “Lily I…”

Lily leaned forward and placed her hands on his cheeks and pulled him into a deep kiss. She didn’t think about it, nor of the repercussions, only of what she wanted to due for the past six months. She tried to wrap her arms around him when he pulled out of her grasp.

“Stop it,” he turned his face away.

“Will,” she wined. “Don’t tell me your happy cause I know you’re not. I know you miss me.”

“Lily I’ll always miss you,” he tired to make her see. “But no longer in that way.”

“You’re lying and I know it!” she stood. “I’m not going to let you throw us away. I’m not.”

“You already did,” he stood and grabbed the diaper bag. “And now I’ve moved on. I’m asking her to marry me….tonight.”

“No! Will. You’re making a mistake. She doesn’t love you! She just wants your money. Can’t you see that! People like us don’t belong with people like her.”

Will shook his head not believing what was coming out of Lily’s mouth. She was really grasping at anything she could. “You know what? I would rather be with someone like her….than someone like you.” He took a death breath and looked at her one last time. “I hope you can find someone or something to make you happy, so in the meantime… stop trying to destroy mine.”

She laughed, “She’s got you so blinded.

“You’re the one that’s blind Lil,” he walked away not looking back this time.


Lily sat in the park for a good few hours. It had been many months since she actually rested and thought about her life. She tried to drown her sorrows in liquor and trips around to her favorite locations but couldn’t find solace. Rufus didn’t want her. Will didn’t want her, and her kids could barely look at her. She blamed everyone but herself and now she was starting to realize perhaps those others weren’t the problem.

The air started to turn crisp and she didn’t have a coat so she decided to finish her short walk home. Her mind couldn’t even grasp onto anything tangent. It was like a tape recorder that just played the recent bad events in her life over and over and she would do anything to just turn it off. All she wanted to do was take a sleeping pill and crawl into bed. She didn’t know how the day could get any worse….and then it did.

As Lily was about to cross the street she noticed catering servants disassembling cocktail tables and folding up white linins up ahead. Trying to move off the sidewalk she caught a glimpse of the large building in front of her. Large glass windows were a lit brightly from the inside. Large and small paintings were hanging on the walls. Empty champagne bottles and glasses were discarded on the small tables. The gallery was absolutely empty except for the couple standing in the middle of the room. Lily held her breath as she saw Will get down on one knee and hold a box down in front of him.

Feeling as though she was being punch repeatedly in the chest Lily wanted to run, she wanted to run as fast as she could but her eyes just couldn’t break away. It was like everything on the busy streets of New York stood still and the only thing she could hear was the pounding of her own heart.

She watched as Alison covered her mouth with her hand and nodded her head. She watched as Will slipped the ring on her finger….and she watched as they kissed. Numbly she finally turned away. With all the dignity she could muster she wiped her tears away and slowly started to walk back home. Broken. Defeated. Blinded.

As Alison let go of Will she looked down at her hand. The large diamond seemed to bounce off every light in the gallery. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. “Oh Will,” she smiled up at him. “I love it….I….” she was speechless.

“Eva told me you would,” he took her hands.

“Did she?” she laughed.

“Mmhmm,” he smiled and kissed her again.

Resting her head on his chest Alison was taking everything in. “Today has been the best day. More than anything I could have ever asked for.”

“I knew the critics would love your work,” he looked around. “How could they not?”

She held him tighter to her. “As happy as I am for how well tonight went, it doesn’t even compare to what I feel now. I love you, Will.”

“I love you,” he leaned down to kiss her yet again.

“Mmm….” she moaned into his mouth. “Let’s get Eva and go home.”

“She’s been kidnapped,” he grinned.

“What?” her brow furled. “By whom?”

“Your mom,” he brushed her cheek with the pad of his thumb. “She’s been dying to have her all to herself. She said she’d bring her back in the morning.”

“Well then,” she grinned and grabbed a bottle of Champagne off a table. “I say we go up to our hotel room and celebrate.”

“You don’t want to go out?” he eyed her.

She played with his tie and gave him a wink. “I don’t want to go out.”

“Oh…” he grinned.

“I think it’s about time don’t you?”

He eyed her up and down. “Lets get out of here.”

She giggled and grabbed her purse and shawl off the table. Walking to the back she turned off the lights and suddenly she felt Will’s arms around her and his lips on the back of her neck. “You better stop or we’ll never make it out of here.”

“Would that be so bad?” he whispered in her ear as his hand trailed up her leg.

“Will…” she fell back into him. “Not here.”

He sighed into her neck. “I want you all to myself.”

“And you will,” she pulled him toward the door. “Over and over…”

He followed her outside into the night. “And over.”

Holding hands they walked back to their hotel. Each of them excited for the future and what it might hold. They spent the night making love for the first time as a couple truly in love with one another. Promises were made, plans were created and they both knew they were faithfully on the road they wanted to be on. It was time for them to both be truly happy and create the family they always knew they wanted.

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